Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am Jean Regan, President and Owner of Tranzact Technologies. For my first blog post I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce a new organization, as well as share a little bit about me and how I’ve found success in both my professional and personal life. We recently developed Women and Logistics, our newest contribution to the Logistics and Supply chain industry with you in mind… Whether you are in the industry or considering it – we hope that you will utilize our site as a resource of industry news, education, and networking to guide you in your personal & professional endeavors.

As an executive to a thriving corporation, a woman in the industry, a wife and a mother of four – I have come to realize that “Superwoman” is a myth and perfect balance is a legend. If at any given moment in your life or career, you think that you are going to have perfect balance, think again. Balance is something achieved over the course of time and is ever changing.

Sometimes our careers will demand more of us, sometimes our children or our families will. Knowing what is most important, and when, is really the key to achieving balance in the long run.

Three of my four children are adults now, and while raising them with my husband Mike, I made a point to devote time to supporting each one of their interests and endeavors to help foster their own success. Our daughter Dana is now a National Account Executive with Tranzact, our son Patrick just graduated from the University of San Diego and is now working for Northfield Industries as Assistant to the President, our daughter Kelley works for Douglas Shaw & Associates as an Account Coordinator, and our youngest son Joe is working his first summer job here at TranzAct before beginning his junior year in high school.

Raising four children and building a business isn’t an easy balancing act but you certainly don’t need a cape and an “S” on your chest to do it. A method in my own success was acknowledging that there are only 24 hours in a day and I had to manage those hours wisely. You have to take a step back and ask yourself “What is important for me to accomplish today?”

What I accomplish in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry is just as important to me as what I accomplish with my family. The industry has always been male-dominated. While women currently represent only 24% of the labor force, we are still making our mark on the Logistics and Supply Chain industry.

This year we saw the first “Chairwoman” of the American Trucking Association. Women run 11 state trucking associations, the most to do so at one time. A woman heads the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and a woman chairs the National Transportation Safety Board. With so many women taking the lead, it is important to have an organization to support these women – that is why we are bringing you Women and Logistics.

Jean Regan