Thursday, January 26, 2012

Communication for Results

Most women like to communicate, it's in our nature. However, what happens when we need to gear our communication to drive results? I have learned that when communicating for results there are some general guidelines that can help you reach the finish line.
  1. Define What You Want - you can start by creating a "must have" and a "nice if" list. Knowing what you absolutely "must have" and what would just be "nice if" it happened, will help you determine what you want to keep the focus on. Determine what you are and aren't willing to settle for.
  2. Make Your Request - when making your request remember these 3 rules:
  • Be Direct - Don't walk around the pond, ask for what you want!
  • Be Specific - Don't generalize, so that there is no confusion about what you want.
  • Predict the Outcome - Let them know what the benefits will be when this request is met.

     3.  Avoid Common Communication Errors -

  • Disclaimers - Try not to start a sentence with, "I may be wrong but..." or "I'm not really sure..." this is a common trait especially among women. Read Nancy Clark's blog  Use Confident Language
  • Justifiers - Get to the point without the long convoluted reasons.
  • Avoid Tag Questions - Have you ever heard someone ask a question like this, "You want this done using the regular method, don't you?" Instead say, "I'm going to use the regular method."

These tips are easy to use and will help get you the results you are looking go out there and give it a try! Be sure to share your results with me!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Making your New Years Resolutions Stick

This time of year the gyms are packed with people making their new years resolutions to exercise more, eat less and lose weight. In most places the gyms are back to their normal numbers of attendance by Mid-March. Why do most of us lose interest in keeping our new years resolutions? I have some ideas that may point us to the road to success!
  • Be Specific & Realistic. Keep your resolution list to 1 or 2 things you want to work on. Instead of saying you want to lose weight make the commitment to lose 10 pounds. Many of us make the resolution to try to spend more time with family and friends. Make this resolution happen by getting specific; every other Wednesday of the month I will make a lunch date with a family member of friend. Be realistic and remember to keep your resolutions to things that are with-in your control. Getting a new job is not realistic because you can't control that outcome.
  • Have a Plan. Another popular resolution is to quit smoking or drinking alcohol. Having a plan in place will help you succeed. For example, cut down the amount you smoke or drink a little each day, week, or month. Be sure to include support in your plan. Let others know about your plan, preferably those that you know will support you in you resolution. If you intend to workout more, having someone to work out with is a great support. Don't forget to set goals with-in your plan such as losing 5 pounds by a specific date...and be realistic!
  • Evaluate and Move Forward. For the first 30 day's keep a journal that you write in everyday about how your resolution is going. Keeping a journal may help you stay honest or work through some difficult times. Keeping a journal will also help you evalutate what worked and what didn't. Set a longer term date to evaluate your progress such as the spring, this will help you stick to your plan. If you stumble a little, such as gain a couple of pounds, skip a lunch with a family member, or sneak a cigarette, don't throw in the towel...put it behind you and morve forward!
I hope you beat the odds and achieve your 2012 new year's resolution(s)! Good luck and Happy New Year! Have you had success sticking to one of your resolutions from last year? If so, what worked for you?