Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boost your Sales Network

Building and maintaining healthy relationships with the buyer is the key to developing a strong network. Having a strong network allow you to reach far more prospects than you could on your own. Attracting and maintaining a solid sales network today is the foundation of tomorrow's success.

Here are some ways to build those important relationships:

  • When it comes to attracting or building a solid sales network your objective is not to sell them something, but to acquire the trust to build and maintain a relationship that will turn into sales. In my experience people will sit up and listen when you share important facts and expert information that help them to make a good buying decision.
  • Start attracting people into your sales network by showing interest in them and asking in depth questions. Ask questions that will cause discussion about your customer's desires and expectations. Step into your customers minds and determine the question they might be asking themselves when they are deciding to buy.
  • Become your customer's partner in product/service satisfaction. Follow up regularly. Be certain of the value your customer will receive from doing business with you 30, 60, 90 day later. Partners get real leads from their customers.
By building and maintaining healthy relationships with your buyers you are guaranteed to yield healthy returns. Have patience - I've learned that being number two in the mind of your prospects will pay off. Your competitor may blow it one day and when they do, there you are ready to take advantage of the relationship you've built. Building relationships does payoff, if not today, tomorrow maybe sooner than you think.