Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring into Action

The snow is melting and the birds are chirping, both a sure sign that spring is upon us! The flowers and trees will be in blossom before we know it and it feels like a new beginning once again. This time of year i am energized and motivated to spring into action.

There are so many ways we can make a difference, just read some of the inspiring stories at Ordinary People Change the World. You don't have to be a famous person to make a difference, you just need to believe in something and take the first step.

I am currently involved with starting a group called URF Women's Network. This is a network of women uniting together, to make a difference in Illinois politics and public policy. We believe in limited government, individual liberty, free enterprise and traditional values. We are encouraging women to stand up and be heard in the halls of power. I believe in being the change; getting involved; making a difference.

From volunteering within your community to running for office, lets spring forward together to make a change. Please share your story about how you are making a difference, and together we can spread the word.