Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Change of Seasons

Beautiful, bold colored leaves sprinkle lawns and sidewalks. Weekends are filled with trips to pumpkin patches, farmer's markets and hay rides. Autumn has arrived, reminding us of the cyclic change of our seasons.

As seasons change so do we. Let autumn be a time to reflect on what changes we want to make in our lives. Ask yourself some of the following questions to help you find the changes you need to make to have the life you want.
  1. What do you want right now? How can you be more true to yourself?
  2. What routine would you like to fall back into? Any old habits or hobbies you should bring back into your life?
  3. What is stopping you? What do you keep tripping over? What outdated beliefs are you holding on to?
  4. What changes have you been putting off? What steps can you take towards greater fulfillment?
  5. What do you need to start saying "no" to? What is zapping your energy? What do you want to stop doing?
Below are simple steps that, if taken, could have a great impact on your daily life.
  • Take your Time - Our culture tells us to go fast; to sprint and win the race. The problem with this is, that the race never ends. Taking things slowly can lead to happiness.
  • Make a Change - A weathered routine can turn you into a zombie. Opt for a change or two and often you will find that it can make thing more exciting.
  • Eliminate the non-essential - First, identify the things in your life that are most important to you; the things that you love the most. Then, eliminate everything else. This process works with anything: life in general, work projects, and even with emails and other forms of communication. This will change your life because it will help you to simplify, to focus on what's important, and to build the life you want.
What leaves of change are you ready to jump into this fall?